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One of the hottest trends on the diet market today is Ephedra Extract diet pills. While they may be new to you, Ephedra has been used to aid weight-loss for centuries. It is derived from the traditional Chinese herb, Ma Huang, and has been used for many purposes throughout history. New innovations in diet technology, backed by recent clinical research, have brought out a new wave of Ephedra diet pills that can help you to achieve your goals.

What kind of results can you expect?

ephedra diet pillsEphedra diet pills can provide you with shocking success when it comes to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. The Ephedra is proven to help control appetite, but it is also known to increase energy levels as well. This is why it is a common and well-respected part of many weight-loss programs and bodybuilding routines. The effects you get are going to depend greatly on the way that you use the Ephedra Extract diet pills. Just taking them will not give you the results that you need, you have to combine them with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise too.

diet pillsWhat is the best way to use Ephedra Extract Diet Pills?

The best way to use Ephedra Extract diet pills is to follow the instructions listed on the bottle. Some of the Ephedra Extract diet pills are designed to be taken about 1 hour before each meal, as this is the case with our favorite Xtreme Thermoburn with ephedra. This way the body has absorbed the Ephedra and it will change the way that fat is processed and absorbed in the body. Other Ephedra Extract diet pills are designed to be taken before some meals, and before you work out to get the greatest benefit. One thing that is true of all of the Ephedra Extract diet pills is that they don’t do you any good when taken after or during a meal. Your body’s metabolism needs to be kick-started first before it will have the effect you want.

ephedra pillsAre there any risks?

You should never begin any diet or fitness program without first consulting with your doctor. Ephedrine and Ephedra products, including Ma Huang, have been linked to side effects in high risk people, however products on the market today do not contain ma huang. You can lower your risk by using the Ephedra Extract diet pills as instructed. Many people are so impressed with the results that they think taking more than is recommended will give them greater gains in weight loss; weight loss is something that must be done at a healthy pace in order to make sure that it will be permanent and to avoid putting your health at risk. Most people will take the Ephedra Extract diet pills as part of an ECA stack. The stack may come pre-measured in the ingredients of the Ephedra Extract diet pills, which makes it easier to avoid the increased risks associated with straight Ephedra use.

ephedrine pillsWhat is a stack?

A stack is a combination of compounds and elements designed to deliver support in weight-loss and bodybuilding goals. The ECA stack is what most Ephedra Extract diet pills will include in their list of ingredients. ECA stands for Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin. These three elements, taken in correct proportions, all work together to enhance the body’s own metabolism for building muscle and losing fat. Just taking them in random amounts isn’t going to help you very much. You need to learn how to make stacks and cycles work for you.

ephedra caffeineLearning how to make stacks and cycles work for you

Taking Ephedra Extract diet pills on a daily basis for several months isn’t going to give you the results you need. Not only do you want to take them as part of a carefully calculated stack to get the same results, you have to take them in cycles to prevent the body from adjusting to the ingredients and neutralizing their weight-loss effect. Cycles tend to run in 6 to 12 week sets. During one cycle you may take the Ephedra Extract diet pills and also combine this with a change in diet and increase in physical activity to promote weight-loss. During the next cycle you will stay on a restricted diet, do a different type of whole body based exercise but not take the Ephedra Extract diet pills so that you promote muscle gain. Not only does this prevent your body from getting too used to the Ephedra, it sets your metabolism up to burn fat faster while you get stronger. Losing weight and building shape takes effort that has to follow a proven pattern to get the best results. For more information, check out the reviews on Xtreme Thermoburn.

Get Lean this Summer with Ephedra


smackerephedra100is Ephedra Legal to Buy in 2014?

Yes. It is a common misconception that ephedra is illegal. Types of ephedra extract are still legal and still found in very effective thermogenic fat burner supplements! Check out the #1 rated ephedra diet pill here.

Does Ephedra Work for Fat Loss?

Diet pills like Smacker ECY Stack w/Hoodia & Ephedra, as well as the super popular Xtreme Thermoburn Ephedra Diet Supplement work extremely well for fat loss. Increased energy, fat loss, appetite suppression, and increased metabolism are typical effects.

Ephedra Diet Pills for Sale Online

We only recommend Xtreme Thermoburn and Smacker.

Will This Boost my Energy Levels?

Yes! Smacker contains ephedra, caffeine, and yohimbine which is a potent energy stack! Xtreme Thermoburn is a little milder in the energy department but still very effective at boosting energy.

Is the ECY Stack the Best Stack for Fat Loss

Absolutely. The ECY Stack like that found in Smacker has proven time and time again to work for fat loss.

cleanmealWhat else can I do to lose weight and build muscle?

Using supplements, Diet and lifting weights are the most important factors when dieting. Lifting weights is a lot more effective for fat loss then running on a treadmill. By adding muscle you will raise your baseline metabolism levels and therefore stay leaner, longer!

Ordering Kaizen Ephedrine HCL Online in 2014

Ephedrine HCL such as Kaizen Ephedrine HCL isn’t readily available online for people outside of Canada. Ephedra diet pills like Smacker or Thermoburn would be a better choice for burning fat and increasing energy.

Ephedra Diet Pills – ECA Stack & ECY Stack

Xtreme Thermoburn is essentially a Pre-mixed ECA Stack. Just like Smacker w/Hoodia is an extra strong ECY Stack.

Ordering Ephedra Diet Pills 2014

Our friends at ShreddedShop brought the all new formulas of Xtreme Thermoburn and Smacker back to the market. The super popular diet pills are available but are often sold out due to the crazy popularity! These products are not available anywhere else besides

ephedraEphedra Supplements for Weight Loss

Ephedra supplements for weight loss provide some of the fastest results for users of all the diet supplements offered. The ephedra comes from the Ma Huang plant, which has a rich tradition of being a weight loss herb and tea in China. Modern science has learned how to combine the ephedra with other ingredients to provide you with the best support for your weight loss program ever.

Why do Ephedra Diet Pills work for weight-loss?

These supplements aren’t magic. Ephedra supplements for weight loss are effective because they allow you to do two things: They help you to control your appetite and help to increase your metabolism so you burn fat faster. When they are used in conjunction with caffeine, aspirin and even lipodrene, they become a powerful element in a weight loss stack that will deliver real results. Ephedra is one of nature’s best ways to increase the natural methods of weight loss with which your body is equipped.

Breaking the weight gain and loss cycle

Ephedra supplements can help you break the weight gain and loss cycle that can be so demoralizing. The main issue comes after the first several months of use when you reach the weight loss plateau. Understanding the plateau will help you to break free of this pattern. Most weight loss programs fail because you gain the weight back. They don’t fail because they don’t work, they fail because they don’t provide you with the supporting supplements you need to boost your fat loss, control your appetite and create new lifestyle patterns.

ephedra pills

Why does the body reaches a plateau?

Talk to anyone who has used ephedra diet pills and you will start to hear them talking about “the plateau.” The plateau occurs in weight-loss and bodybuilding, it is when the body stops responding to the regimen and there are no gains or losses recorded. This happens for two reasons. The first is that you may have reached a stage where the body is reluctant to give up fat stores due to inbuilt instincts wanting to protect itself against starvation. Few people reach that point. What happens more often is that you do enough of the regimen for a long enough time that the body adjusts to it. We are built to adapt and no matter what the supplement, diet or routine – your body will adapt to reduce the stress it is under. The only way to get around this is to use cycles.

ephedraHow to use Ephedra Pills for weight loss

If you want to use ephedra supplements successfully you have to take them while also doing a cycle of fitness and diet. The ephedra supplements for weight loss should also be taken cyclically. If you change your fitness routine every 6 to 12 weeks, and alternate your diet from one geared towards building muscle and one geared towards losing weight, you will see more consistent weight loss. Ephedra should only be taken for 9 to 12 weeks consistently, then take 4 to 6 weeks off, before starting the cycle again. This will prevent the body from adapting to the effects of the supplement.

Who shouldn’t use them?

Ephedra has been associated with some side effects in high risk subjects. It is important that you talk to your doctor before you begin any fitness or diet program. If you have a history of strokes or high blood pressure, do not take ephedra supplements. They should also only be taken as directed. Many adverse reactions are a result of people taking more than the recommended dose in an effort to speed up their results.

Getting started the right way

Getting started the right way with ephedra diet supplements is important, and easy. You need to select the one that also has the additional supplements that you need. If you are not sure, look at your goals. If controlling your hunger is an issue, you might want to consider one with ephedra. If you are looking to burn more calories while working out, try one that focuses on the process of thermogenics. Whichever one you choose remember that you need to use it for an entire cycle before you decide whether or not it works for you. You always want to take them about 40 minutes before you eat for the best results as well. Also, make sure to combine taking ephedra supplements for weight loss with a good diet and fitness routine for the best results.


eca stack resultsBodybuilders who are serious about getting definition follow two cycles, the last of which is cutting and this is what the ECA stack is designed to help with. For those who aren’t looking for competition results, but just want to look great – the ECA stack can provide you with a fast way to maximize your fitness regimen to reach the weight you want. It isn’t complicated to do, but it does require that you know the rules of how to get it to work well for you.


What is in the ECA Stack?

The ECA stack is a combination of three compounds.

You take the ECA stack 3 times a day, at the same time per day in the following correlating amounts:

  • 25mg
  • 200 mg
  • 80 mg (baby aspirin is preferred)

Baby aspirin is preferred in the ECA stack as it comes in doses measuring about 80mg, making it easier to manage. For the other two ingredients you can buy them individually in the right dosing amounts. You want to make sure that they come from a certified company. It can be worth it to pay a little more in order to make sure you are getting quality ingredients.


The role of ephedrine

ephedrine pillsEphedrine is the foundation of the ECA stack. For centuries the Chinese have used an herb named Ma Haung to help increase their energy, improve libido and control their weight. Ephedrine is derived from the herb but under clinical conditions so it is far more concentrated and powerful than the original. It is also purer and more consistent in quality too. Ephedrine works by increasing the body’s natural metabolic process, and it has thermogenic properties too. It also promotes better circulation, which allows your body to make better use of the nutrients in your blood stream. It is also a diuretic that helps to relive water retention. Ephedrine is also an effective appetite suppressant. It is a beta agonist. This means that it helps the body to produce norepinephrine.

The role of caffeine

Caffeine works in a way that is similar to Ephedrine, but it takes on a supporting role in the ECA stack. Caffeine helps to dilate blood vessels to increase your muscles ability to burn fat and clear toxins. It is also a mild diuretic. The most important part of the influence of caffeine on weight loss is how it interacts with the system of lipolysis in the body. This process has to do with how food is converted into fuel and how the body handles fat in the bloodstream. Caffeine provides you with an edge in managing your energy to get more out of your work out too. It is a supporting agent to the Ephedrine because it interrupts a process called CAMP that prevents the norepinephrine that is created and helps for weight loss and muscle growth from occurring.

The role of aspirin

Aspirin is the supporting agent to caffeine. It also acts as a neutralizing agent to the CAMP process. Aspirin is also helpful in relieving over contraction and preventing a buildup of lactic acid that can prevent you from doing your whole workout. It acts to increase circulation as well.


xtreme thermoburn eca stackThe energy and diuretic combination

The combination of all of these elements work to increase the level of energy you feel, reducing fatigue and promoting relief of water retention. This is important, and why bodybuilders love the ECA stack. During the mass building stage they will consume a variety of supplements, including Creatine, that promote water retention in muscles. This is what will give them a big and smooth look. The ECA stack allows them to keep the strength they gained, but lose the additional water that was needed to fuel the mass building regimen. They still stay strong and keep much of their mass gains, but they gain definition in their forms.

The cycle to follow

As stated earlier, the pattern to take the ECA stack during the day is 3 times a day. You want to be as consistent as you can with the timing. Taking it about 40 minutes before you eat is the best, and make sure that one of the times coordinates with your main workout as well. You only want to take the ECA stack for about 6 to 12 weeks. Then stop taking the ECA stack. This cycle helps prevent your mind from adapting to the higher levels of norepinephrine to overcome the CAMP blocking by the caffeine and aspirin.

rippedabsWhether you are looking to burn fat to get trim, or you need to speed up the burning process to get a high cut before a completion, how to burn fat remains the same for everyone. The simple formula is to decrease the amount of calories you are taking in while increasing the amount of calories that you burn. As simple as that is, there wouldn’t be so many supplements, diets and exercise programs on the market if learning how to burn fat was really that simple. There are many other factors that will influence how, and how much, fat you can burn.


The Best Ephedra Diet Pills

If you want to learn how to burn fat then you have to select a diet to follow, then you have to choose the best ephedrine fat burner supplements to support your health and to boost the way your metabolism burns fat too. Once you have those in place, choose a fitness program that provides a high calorie full body burn for the best results.


cleanfoodWhere to Buy Ephedra Diet Pills

ephedra/ephedrine is still available for sale at many sports nutrition stores.


smacker100ctEphedra usage and your diet

While there are many diets that promise to get you the fastest gains in burning fat, new studies have revealed that all diets can be successful in achieving this goal in the short term. For long term gains you need to pay attention to the amount of calories taken in versus the calories burned. You have to make sure that the calories taken in are the kind that not only promote fat burning, but also will provide your body with what you will need to stay healthy. A good way to start controlling your caloric intake is to use portion control. You also want to keep a detailed food diary so you can track how different meals affect you on every level so you can customize whatever diet plan you have chosen to learn how to burn fat fast. Another option is to ramp up your metabolism using ephedra diet pills through thermogenesis prior to working out. These have a powerful effect on burning fat during your workout and extending that metabolism spike!